hi, Im Gibe Albero, 20 years old (ok, I know I dont look like one) graduated in a not-so-popular-college-with-a-long-name, took BSBA major in Financial Management.

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Sabi ng pamangkin kong bata.. excited na daw siya sa pagdating ni Jesus. Sa sobrang excited niya daw, kahit siya na daw pumunta.

Biglang natahimik ako at napaisip. Sana mabalik yung dating “pure and innocent faith” ko tulad ng isang bata.

Ok.. so this person who’s not feeling sorry for what he did is not even appreciative for what I gave in good faith. Two cracks in a row for our friendship.


For Beginners (All the combinations of the thumb and fingers), 2010 - Bruce Nauman
I’m just sad that you don’t feel sorry for it.

I miss tumblr.. it’s been a while. I can’t let this social site go because of some followers. :)

 matumal dito sa tumblr..

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I can’t resist of not posting this!!!!

my alter-ego led me…
I just read ” The Notebook”.. I fell in love with the characters of Noah and Allie.. I want to meet them in person.. I hope they’re not just a fiction.
My favorite part.. :)