hi, Im Gibe Albero, 20 years old (ok, I know I dont look like one) graduated in a not-so-popular-college-with-a-long-name, took BSBA major in Financial Management.

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Ok.. so this person who’s not feeling sorry for what he did is not even appreciative for what I gave in good faith. Two cracks in a row for our friendship.


For Beginners (All the combinations of the thumb and fingers), 2010 - Bruce Nauman
I’m just sad that you don’t feel sorry for it.

I miss tumblr.. it’s been a while. I can’t let this social site go because of some followers. :)

 matumal dito sa tumblr..

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I can’t resist of not posting this!!!!

my alter-ego led me…
I just read ” The Notebook”.. I fell in love with the characters of Noah and Allie.. I want to meet them in person.. I hope they’re not just a fiction.
My favorite part.. :)

romeo: if I was thy boyfriend romeo: i’d never let thou go romeo: i canst take thou places thou hath not been before romeo: and i can be thy gentleman romeo: swagger swagger swagger romeo: swagger on thou haha.. Romeo did JB.. hehe